L. K. Ingino

L. K. Ingino – Writer

L. K. Ingino is the owner/creator of Headless Gnomes, and a speculative fiction writer, poet (Leanne Kathleen Ingino), and singer with a love for fairytales, myths, dark tales, the strange and bizarre, dark humor and puns so bad they’re good. She can usually be found trying to create all the things. She lives in Southern California with her husband, four cats, and two dogs.

Abby Butler

Abby Butler – Artist

Abby has worked with L. K. Ingino & Headless Gnomes on Haunting Haikus and a Home Hunting: Apocalypse Edition a short comic in the Cthulhu is Hard to Spell: The Terrible Twos anthology.

Abby is a freelance artist. She has been illustrating projects for over 8 years, focusing heavily on pushing the envelope with watercolor. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her cat and her massive collection of art supplies.

Joel Rodriguez

Joel Rodriguez – Letterer

Joel Rodriguez is the Head of Design at Scout Comics and Entertainment, Co-CEO/Owner of Brink of Reality Productions, and Co-Founder of Metal Ninja Studios. Joel has lettered multiple titles for Scout Comics (including Vlad Dracul, Phantom Starkiller, and Stake), Wannabe Press (Cthulhu is Hard to Spell: The Terrible Twos), and several Kickstarted titles, including his own series The Dusk County Chronicles.

Chuck Pineau

Chuck Pineau – Editor

Chuck Pineau is well known in the indie circuit having produced comics as a writer and editor for companies such as Markosia, Antarctic Press, and Scout Comics. He is best known for (co)creating such titles as Belial, Welcome to the Void, and Essence House.

Jorge Luis Gabotto

Jorge Louis Gabotto – Artist

Jorge Luis Gabotto, Hiorsh, is an Agrentine cartoonist and writer, born in Mar del Plata, a tourist city on the Atlantic coast. He is also a Visual Arts teacher, puppeteer and musician. He loves to narrate, from telling a movie, singing a song, to telling a joke. The comic, for Jorge, is the concretion of many arts together – a stylistic summit that combines several languages for narration.

Ksenia Dimtrieva

Ksenia “KeyDi” Dmitrieva – Artist

Ksenia Dmitrieva is a self-taught artist from Russia. She is a huge fan of 2D animation and prefers cartoon stylization in her work. She is currently an artist on several small ongoing web comics and dreams of one day releasing her own project.

You can find KeyDi at:

Emmanuel Navarro

Emmanuel Navarro – Artist

Emmanuel Navarro is a Canadian artist primarily working in video games, but when time (and his kids) allows him, he gets to draw book covers, comics, or whatever his kids dictate he draws. He was born and raised in France, which brings a lot of European influence that he mixes with his love of North American comics. He’s currently working on getting where he wants to be in his career, it’s always a long journey, but he thinks he’s getting close, after all he crossed an ocean!

El Nizamt

El Nizamt – Artist

El Nizamt is an Adult Comprehensive Illustrator who was born in Indonesia, Southeast Asia. The openly gay illustrator, who is now 25 years old, has been focusing on digital illustration since 2014. He has illustrated for readers from children to adult; from dramatic to NSFW scenes with various genres. for private collection, publisher, webcomic, and adult online page.

You can find Nizamt at:

[Warning: NSFW]

Alex Guenther

Alex Guenther – Artist

Alex Guenther is a Brazilian comic book artist who has carried out many projects with historical/cultural comic books since 2003 in his city (Blumenau/Brazil), as well as illustrated projects for companies and publishers. Currently, he is dedicating themselves to illustrating character designs and comic book pages for independent authors and publishers around the world.

Ilaria Fella

Ilaria Fella – Colorist

Ilaria Fella is a comic book colorist from Italy. She has been working as a colorist since 2014 publishing for various Italian, French and American publishers. The series she has worked on include: “Atlantis:terre engloutie,” “Zinnober,” and “Midnight sky.” She’s currently working on a new French comic book coming next year.

Mariam Yasser

Mariam Yasser – Colorist

Mariam Yasser is a comic book colorist from Egypt. Aspiring to create her own comic, she started working in comics in 2019 and for 5 years prior as a graphic illustrator.

In addition to “Fangs And Foul Play” she has worked on “The Ignis quadrant”, “Into the Suck”, “Northwoods”, “For the love of the game”, and “Sydney Dossier”