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Richard Bluth, a deserted colonel who left the war due to his conscience, stumbles upon an abandoned house, finding himself a new town, Bludville. Weary and tired after his long escape, he doesn’t realize he’s about to trade one evil master for another, as the home’s only inhabitant, Fang, a vampiric cat, enthralls him and forces Richard to find him human’s to feed on. Poor Richard can’t get away from villains asking him to do horrible things! Follow Richard’s plight as he tries to escape Fang’s thrall, but in the meantime, vows to only feed horrible people to Fang.

Fangs & Foul Play Characters
Fang: the cute, sarcastic vampiric cat who feeds on human blood to stay alive. His only true crime? Wanting to live.
Richard Bluth: an ex-army colonel with a tortured past. He deserted to flee the atrocities of war, only to find himself committing associated manslaughter for a cat! What horrors has he seen or partaken in in his storied past?
Delilah Dansforth: the beautiful daughter of wealthy parents and the most eligible bachelorette in town. Will she turn out to be as corrupt as her parents? Or will she be the guiding light Richard is looking for?
Mayor Gilbert and Mayor Giselle: Bludville’s gossipy co-mayoral power couple are privy to all the town secrets! But how do they use that information?
Mr. and Mrs. Dansforth: the wealthy town banker and his wife, who seem to have no scruples! What might they have had to do to gain their wealth?

The Fangs & Foul Play Theme Song

Check out the Fangs & Foul Play theme song by David Gueringer of Next Arc Studios (video by David as well.)

Preview the first pages of Issue 1

Fangs And Foul Play Issue 0 Interior Page
Fangs And Foul Play Issue 0 Interior Page