Cthulhu Invades Wonderland – Standard Edition Cover


This crossover comic anthology between Cthulhu and Wonderland is filled with action, adventure, comedy, and tragedy. Over 70 comic creators got together to bring these two universes together down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland.

When the Great Cthulhu invades Wonderland, we will truly learn what happens when true MADNESS comes to Wonderland. This war will change the landscape of Wonderland forever! Turning friends against one another in an epic war, this anthology tells one big story from beginning to end through the eyes of the different residents of Wonderland.


Cthulhu Invades Wonderland is a comic anthology with stories by over 70 creators all about what happens when Cthulhu and the Old Gods Invade Wonderland.

  • Rating: PG-13
  • Length: 200+ pages
  • Cover: Softcover
  • Interior: Full-color gloss interior pages
  • Publisher: Orange Cone Productions
  • Notes: 35 stories, 70+ creators
  • Who is this for: Fans of Wonderland, Lovecraft, horror, and magic


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