Fangs & Foul Play – Issue #0 + #1 – Main Cover


A deserted colonel, Richard, runs into a telepathic vampiric cat, Fang, while trying to flee the horrors of war. Now Richard has to find victims to feed to Fang and serve his every whim. Will he ever escape having to commit terrible atrocities? Find out in Fangs & Foul Play!

This PG-13 light horror comic is perfect for anyone who loves cats, Sabrina, and The Addams Family. If this sounds like you, then Fangs & Foul Play is right up your alley, you alley cat, you.

Join Fang in Issue 0 + 1: Sick to his stomach from having to kill for Fang, Richard hastily takes care of the mess. Fresh from fleeing the war and finding himself in an abandoned house, Richard must find sustenance not only for Fang but also for himself. Luckily there seem to be a lot of uncouth characters in town, so he invites some of them over. After all, what better way to feed Fang than hosting a dinner party!


Fangs & Foul Play is a light horror comic set in a Victorian-style town around the mid-1800’s.

It follows the trials of Richard, a deserted army colonel, who ends up being enthralled to Fang, a vampiric cat, and is forced to find victims to feed to Fang.

  • Rating: PG-13
  • Length: 36 pages
  • Cover: #100 laminated gloss paper cover
  • Interior: #80 weight satin paper, full-color interior pages
  • Volume and Issue: Volume 1, Issue 0 + 1
  • Who is this for: Fans of Sabrina, The Addams Family, Neil Gaiman, and cats.


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