Fangs & Foul Play – Issue 0 – Digital


A deserted colonel, Richard, is looking for a place to hide when he runs into a telepathic vampiric cat, Fang. Now Richard has to find victims to feed to Fang and serve his every whim.

This PG-13 light horror comic is perfect for anyone who loves cats, Sabrina, and The Addams Family. If this sounds like you, then Fangs & Foul Play is right up your alley, you alley cat, you.


Fangs & Foul Play is a light horror comic set in a Victorian-style town around the mid-1800’s.

It follows the trials of Richard, a deserted army colonel, who ends up being enthralled to Fang, a vampiric cat, and is forced to find victims to feed to Fang.

  • Rating: PG-13
  • Length: 12 pages
  • Product Type: Digital
  • Who is this for: Fans of Sabrina, The Addams Family, Neil Gaiman, and cats.


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